April 27, 2021

Eating right

Eating right

Categories: Nutrition

Whether we want to lose weight or not, it is important to eat right! Our body is a “machine” that needs to be powered by the right fuel, in order to function to its full potential! The weight loss efforts and the countless diets that we may have repeatedly started, have absolutely no meaning if we don’t redefine the way we treat food in the broader sense. Let’s put aside counting calories and weighing foods and, instead, let’s start from the basic principles of good nutrition!

Introduce carbohydrates into your life

The demonization of carbohydrates is a well established notion, but maybe it’s time to come to an end. Carbs are our body’s main source of fuel and should not be omitted. Their elimination from our diet will lead to reduced energy, lack of concentration, dizziness and fatigue. So choose complex carbohydrates that contain more nutrients and a higher fiber content.

Eat protein at every meal

Protein is the most necessary element of a balanced diet and should never be missing from our meal or our snack! Apart from the fact that it has a leading role in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, it also helps us avoid feeling hungry during the day, “burn” more calories, as well as maintain our weight in the long term.

Fill up your plate

Contrary to what we may think, eating small quantities cannot benefit us during the weight loss process and has negative consequences on our body. A key priority is to fill our body with proteins, minerals and trace elements of high nutritional value. Therefore, we should stop counting the calories we consume and focus on the quality of our choices and their combination.

Learn to study the labels

No, we are not just talking about calories! We should not buy a product if we do not understand what it says, no matter how attractive its wrapping or its promises may be. Multiple indications with an asterisk* and a long list of unfamiliar ingredients on the back of the package mean that we’d better put it back on the shelf! As for “Light”, “Lighter”, “Sugar-free” and other indications, they will surely be accompanied by a clarification* on the back.

Drink water

Water is necessary for the proper function of our body; however, usually we don’t drink water, because we “forget”. Replacing water with soft drinks adds unnecessary calories and an unpleasant feeling of bloating due to the carbonate contained. Also, when we are thirsty our brain tends to become “confused”, erroneously sending out hunger messages.

Set a schedule

One day we eat properly, the next day we eat nothing and on the weekend we eat everything. The hectic rhythm of our daily life certainly makes planning difficult, however if we have prepared properly from the previous day, chances are that a balanced diet is on our side.


The time we have for shopping and cooking all the fresh fruits, vegetables and food we need, is limited. This leads us to take-away and buy pre-packaged salads, meals, even fruits. Without doubt, we should reconsider. The quality, the cooking method, as well as the fats used in ready-to-eat food are of unknown origin, while packaged meals, vegetables and fruits lack vitamins and contain preservatives, that their name’s cannot even be pronounced!

Eat after working out

We may not feel hungry after our workout or believe that, if we don’t eat, we will lose weight easily. Whether we are hungry or not, we need fuel for the process of “recovery” of our muscles and our body. This is because our body needs to replace the burned muscle fibers during the workout and form new and stronger ones. A meal with right nutrients, vitamins and trace elements will maintain our muscle mass and prepare us for the next workout.