Eurodiet Med journey:
every milestone is a new achievement

Eurodiet Med journey:
every milestone is a new achievement

Eurodiet Med has been dealing since 2007 exclusively with excess weight, obesity and accompanying diseases’ treatment. Our long experience makes us experts in creating personalized nutritional protocols, tailor made for the needs of our customers. Through a network of trained doctors, we work with patients with increased body weight, obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and other accompanying obesity diseases.

We continuously personalize and develop Eurodiet medical weight management method, in line with the latest literature and the ADA (American Diabetes Association) guidelines on low-carbohydrate and low glycaemic load diets.

This dietary intervention in the disease of obesity, with mandatory medical monitoring, has been implemented in clinical studies and in many diabetes’ clinic of public hospitals with excellent results.

Our medical and nutritional team consists of experienced, certified health professionals, who are constantly trained on issues related to obesity treatment. Our goal is the constant improvement of our health services, by supporting and advising doctors, as well as patients. The high quality of our products, as well as the variety of ingredients, flavors and textures aiming to make the weight management program tasty and effective, have quickly made Eurodiet method stand out from all the other weight loss methods. We constantly enrich our product range with meals, drinks, snacks and desserts, using exclusive ingredients and techniques to help you achieve weight loss while preserving muscle mass. All these make Eurodiet program even more enjoyable! Eurodiet product range consists of more than 80 different savory and sweet products.

Our Mission

Supporting everyone who wants to be healthy and have an ideal weight, providing knowledge through the most powerful medicine in nature: food!

Our Vision

A world with ideal weight, health, full of life, with a constant smile of satisfaction!

Our Values

Commitment: to achieving the best result

Respect: for the needs of the people who trust us

Reliability: in turning scientific achievements into solutions

Passion & Enthusiasm: for human health, for a person as a whole

Quality: in products and services

Directness: combined with easy implementation of the method

Professionalism in customer service: for everyone contacting us, so that they can feel great along their entire journey

All around the world, for all the world

Eurodiet method is already used successfully in over 20 countries, by thousands of doctors and with more than 20 years of experience.

You are the center of our world!

Our greatest reward comes through people who share with us, every day, the change in their lives, acknowledging that Eurodiet method offers them health, self-confidence, self-esteem, smiles!