You are important to us

Your success stories are our greatest reward. Because you are our heroes! Every story is important to us and we are happy to hear how much your life has changed after following Eurodiet method. We would like to congratulate you and thank you for sharing your story with us.

“I am very happy! I have lost 19 kilos in 4 months! It has been very important to me that I had a program and order in my diet and a lot of support by my excellent doctor. I was very impressed from the fact that I was not hungry and did not need to worry about what to cook, shopping or weighing the ingredients etc. This was told to me when I was introduced to Eurodiet, but I also saw it for myself: the ease of use and the definite results, as well as the fact that you are being monitored by a doctor. I have realized that Eurodiet and my doctor acted as my supporters and allies along this entire process and that, eventually, I was the one who succeeded, I was the one who made it, and I achieved it for ever! Thank you, Eurodiet!”

Olympia, 42 years old, Lost: 19 kilos, Duration: 4 months

“I managed to lose 18 kilos in 5 months, 15 of which were fat. I never expected that my body would change so much in such a short time. After having given birth twice, any diet plan I followed seemed very difficult and without any significant result. Eurodiet products are tasty and left me with a satiated, pleasant feeling. I consider it to be a well-designed method of nutrition and I believe that whoever tries it will certainly achieve results! In addition, my doctor was perfectly informed and helped me a lot. With Eurodiet method you learn to eat properly. One thing is for certain: I will never be overweight again. It has also been a great help for the diet of the entire family, since we avoid sugar and use whole wheat and gluten-free products. I believe that the most important thing is to eat healthily, so that we can have a better quality of life. The aesthetic aspect comes last!”

Konstantina, 36 years old, Lost: 18 kilos, Duration: 5 months

“I have managed to lose a total of 40 kilos! It’s been 10 months now and I’m still going on. I want to lose 6 more kilos. The fact that, already from the very first week, I wasn’t hungry, was so important. I loved having ready meals and not having to cook for the most part of the diet. I adore Eurodiet desserts, mainly chocolate cookies and creams. Along the entire process, I have enjoyed the excellent communication with the doctor who is monitoring me. I know that her support, as well as what she has taught me, have been decisive for me. I am sure I will never gain back the weight I lost, because I see that my eating behavior has changed.”

Irene, 32 years old, Lost: 40 kilos, Duration: 10 months

“With Eurodiet method I initially lost 17 kilos in 3 months. I had gained this weight and could not lose it, due to my depression following a miscarriage. The weight loss process was pleasant and I felt satisfied to see the difference in my body each day. After losing 22 kilos (within 5 months) I bought clothes that I couldn’t have worn before. I felt younger. I would like to add that my husband has lost 20 kilos, a friend of ours has lost 45(!), while all others to whom I have recommended my doctor and Eurodiet partner have lost all the extra weight and have maintained it for years, following my doctor’s valuable advice.”

Georgia, Lost: 22 kilos, Duration: 5 months

“I have literally been obese my whole life, I have tried many things. Some diets had little effect, others were tiring, while in some cases I was not fully committed and gave up at the slightest excuse. In choosing this method I was largely influenced by the fact that they offer medical supervision, as well as by a friend of mine who had followed the method and had literally transformed herself. With Eurodiet, the result was visible from the first moment, since you lose many kilos easily and painlessly, from the beginning. Then you get used to it and it’s all easier and simpler. Even from the first week, the feeling of hunger was gone and from some point onwards it does not even exist in your mind – or in your stomach. What I learned with Eurodiet method is to love and look after myself and eat properly, while my taste has also changed. I know how to eat anything, but at the right quality. I have learned many secrets and details that I could not even imagine, as well as how these can improve my health in terms of quality. Using the method was very easy for me, the products are very tasty, especially the desserts, which are easy to have with you, whatever you do, wherever you are. My life has changed a lot. I have more energy, I am in a better mood and my self-confidence is gradually increasing. I have seen changes around me, I have changed inside and out. Thanks to Eurodiet method, you save the time that would be required to prepare each meal. You also don’t feel hungry, which helps you go on. The method is effective and, mainly, improves your health. I have lost 35 whole kilos – I never thought it could be done, 2 years have passed now and my weight has remained stable, without even trying, I just eat as my doctor taught me, literally everything and I enjoy it!”

Georgia, 32 years old, Lost: 35 kilos

“The first time I spoke to my doctor about Eurodiet, I weighed 89 kilos. I had gained this weight due to bad eating habits, two pregnancies and no exercise at all. With the support of my doctor, the help of my consultant and a bit of exercise, I lost 27 kilos! I finished the program 16 months ago and I have managed to maintain my weight easily. I feel fantastic, I now have the energy to play with my kids, I wear the clothes I used to wear. I have regained my self-confidence and now do whatever I did before! Eurodiet has changed my life and can also change yours!”

Domna, 31 years old, Lost: 27 kilos

“When I first heard about Eurodiet program I weighed 87 kilos and was very dissatisfied with my health and appearance. I was ready for a change and, as it turned out, this program was perfect for me and my lifestyle. I have always had difficulty maintaining a balanced diet and an exercise program and, due to my work and other obligations, I never found the time nor the energy to check what I did wrong. This is the good thing about Eurodiet: it essentially taught me the importance of a balanced diet and exercise, so that I could maintain a healthy weight. The only thing I had to do was to follow the instructions on what to eat, while exercise demands were very limited, so I didn’t have to change my daily life drastically. With the support of my doctor and the rest of the Eurodiet Med team I lost 22 kilos in 5 months. After finishing the diet, I have managed to balance temptations with a healthier way of life, which has led me to become a much happier person”.

Natalia, Lost: 22 kilos

“10 years ago I was diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. Due to the use of antidepressants and because some days I felt too ill to get out of the house or even out of bed, I started gaining a lot of weight. I have been following Eurodiet method for 8 months now and have lost almost 40 kilos. My Eurodiet physician provides infinite support and help with all my questions and needs. Knowing that I have a physician monitoring my health and advising me along the way, I am sure I’m on the right track. With Eurodiet method I have regained my confidence; entering a shop and knowing that I can fit into the clothes is an amazing feeling. I am sure I will be able to keep up the healthy eating habits that the method has taught me and that I will not regain the weight I have lost. I currently weigh less than I did 12 years ago. My life and health have improved dramatically thanks to Eurodiet Med”.

Katerina, Lost: 40 kilos, Duration: 8 months

“I knew I had gained weight but I wasn’t watching it, so my weight gradually increased by 17 kilos over the last 4 years. I followed my own diets and, although I was fit and exercised regularly, could not see any results. Eurodiet method helped me lose the weight I wanted in just 5 weeks! I believe that its success is based on the following key points:

  • The tasty and easy meals that helped me resist temptations.
  • The support and education on proper nutrition.
  • The serious medical monitoring, which allowed me to lose this weight safely.

I lost my excess weight and, most importantly, I drastically improved my cycling performance! A big thank you to the Eurodiet Med team!”

Stella, 41 years old

“A random encounter with a doctor who applied the Eurodiet method was decisive. I decided to try this method too. I don’t know what prompted me. The certainty in his words? The safety that I would be monitored by a doctor? The truth is that I initially wondered whether I would succeed, because I had made other efforts before without much result. But – however excessive this may sound – with Eurodiet, even from the first week, all of my doubts disappeared. I satisfied all my nutritional needs from the beginning. All products are delicious and, because I love desserts, I ate a lot of them without guilt. This says it all! I lost the weight I wanted, 23 kilos in six months, with a particularly pleasant way and, mainly, without feeling deprived of anything. The most important thing for me: 10 months have passed and I have even managed to lose 2 more kilos. I think that my body, my metabolism, my lifestyle have changed. Anyone who visits and discusses with a doctor who applies Eurodiet method will understand what it means to have someone properly involved in your case. This is not a simple thing. When I started Eurodiet and saw the way they treated me and my weight problem, I felt that it was worth trying seriously, because these were people who took me seriously. To anyone starting Eurodiet today or thinking about it, I have one thing to say: You’re late!”

Christos, 53 years old, Lost: 23 kilos, Duration: 6 months

“I started Eurodiet method exactly 2 years ago. Since then, and – I believe – for many more years, I will be celebrating this day even more than my nameday! I had tried some diets, but the results were disappointing. I lost a few kilos after a huge effort, but they returned as soon as I “cheated” even once. The amazing thing about Eurodiet method is that you lose weight easily and, most importantly, you maintain your new weight!

It is impressive that the feelings of deprivation and hunger disappeared from the very first week. I even went so far as to say “What? Another meal More for me to eat?”. 5 meals a day more than covered my needs. I greatly enjoyed all meals. They are all delicious and most of them are very practical. A significant problem with diets is preparing meals when you’re at work. Most Eurodiet products are really easy to use. I greatly appreciated the sweet snacks, particularly the chocolate bars. I got rid of 20 whole kilos! I never felt any burden on my body. On the contrary, the effect of the diet was positive, both psychologically and physically. The physician who conducted my blood tests during the diet characteristically said “son, these look like a baby’s test results”. During the diet I learned how to make the right food combinations, which foods are good for me and which are not. Finally, this method played a very important role in my learning to distinguish between real hunger and “cerebral” hunger. My life has changed a lot. I can breathe better and therefore feel more energetic. I will not focus on the physical changes, which are amazing, but on the psychological ones. I am more self-confident, my mood is better and I have grown to love myself. Thank you, Eurodiet!”

Lefteris, 30 years old

“Over the last 10 years I had only managed to spend fair amounts of money in order to lose weight, but after a few months I was again over 130 kilos. As if something, someone wanted me there. After my most effective effort I managed to lose 15 kilos, but I felt so weak and tired that I could not continue. I regained the weight in a month and a half, reaching 135 kilos! This was my weight when I started Eurodiet method. With my physician’s guidance and following a less strict programme than the ones I had been following until then, I reached 85.4 kilos. In eight months! A total loss of 49.6 kilos. The presence and support of my physician played a very important role. I believe that the scientific review of results, the scientific explanations of why and how I should eat from now on, have changed forever the way I am looking at nutrition.

For me, it has made a huge change in my life towards the best. I improved my health, my physical appearance, I can participate in any social activity I want without feeling bad for my body, without the difficulties caused by the excess weight that did not allow me to do things that were easy for any other person with a properly regulated weight. What I felt during the diet was a deep satisfaction, as I saw that my efforts were bearing fruit. There was a noticeable weight reduction from month to month, which gave me the courage to continue my efforts. One of the advantages of dieting with Eurodiet products is that the body’s muscle mass is maintained at the pre-diet levels. Metabolically speaking, this means my body has the same calorie needs it had when I was a lot heavier. Today, with a balanced diet, I am maintaining my reduced weight.”

Panagiotis, 37 years old, Lost: 44 kilos, Duration: 8 months

“I started Eurodiet method knowing that I had to do something about my weight. I may have been in denial about how much weight I had to – and could – lose, but the medical check-up at the beginning of my programme made me see how poor my health was and how much I needed a method such as Eurodiet. I started and quickly saw results. After 16 days I had lost almost 8 kilos and after 35 days the total weight loss was 13.7 kilos! During the Eurodiet programme I lost 22 kilos. The healthy changes in my blood sugar and cholesterol levels were equally pleasant. I completed the programme with a healthier body and now know how to eat properly and maintain a healthy lifestyle!”

Stavros, 32 years old, Lost: 22 kilos

“I always had a belly and, as a child, I weighed more than I should have. My whole adult life has been a continuous diet programme, resulting in the “yo-yo effect”. Whenever I managed to lose 10 kilos, I regained 15! Indeed, one year I lost 5 kilos and gained 10 after Christmas. This went on every year. My friends and acquaintances teased me. Once I decided to go with a hiking team for a long walk of many kilometres and, halfway through the hike, I had to be urgently taken to the nearest hospital with an inflamed left ankle. The on-call physician told me “in such pain you won’t walk another metre, but honestly, you should be proud of yourself for having walked even this distance”. This was imprinted on my mind and suddenly it all became clear to me! But how could I deal with it? By coincidence, I learned about Eurodiet method, I researched it and decided to try it.

This is what was important to me:

  • It is only conducted under medical supervision.
  • You do not feel hungry (phases 1 and 2). The only thing I can say at this point is that this is really incredible!
  • My boundaries (during the diet) were clear. I always knew what I could or couldn’t eat. I needed such a system because otherwise I was tempted to “cheat” on my diet.
  • You can add salt and pepper or spices to your food, as usual.
  • Continuous monitoring of your health status.
  • There are foods that you can prepare very quickly (which is ideal when you are a working person).

I honestly have no words! I now weigh 75 kilos, I managed to lose 42 kilos and have been following phase 4 for more than 4 months. With Eurodiet method I have changed my eating habits of over 12 years. Nothing can describe the feeling of weighing 40 kilos less, except the word “staggering”. I can climb stairs, lift boxes, tie my shoelaces, all of the small everyday things in life can still be done easily and naturally. Thank you!”

Alex, 39 years old, Lost: 40 kilos

“When I first started Eurodiet method I weighed 76 kilos, with a BMI of 29.9. I was 22 years old. Finding out I had gained so much weight was a huge shock and I had no idea how it had happened! Following the appropriate tests, my doctor introduced me to the programme and the amazing Eurodiet Med doctor told me what I could expect from the method. Within the first two weeks I had lost 8 kilos and felt amazing! The tape measure on my waist, thighs and belly also indicated much lower numbers. Not only was I enjoying the food, but I found myself wanting to continue the programme. By the end of phase 4 I had lost a total of 18 kilos! Eurodiet method has changed my life. It taught me how to eat! Thanks to this programme, I no longer have to worry about being overweight ever again!

Konstantinos, 23 years old, Lost: 18 kilos

“I am a 61-year-old man. When I first heard about Eurodiet method from a friend, what caught my attention was that Eurodiet offers medical support. It certainly sounded like a different and serious programme. Over the years, I had gradually gained weight and my visits to the gym became rare and eventually stopped altogether. When I started the method, I weighed 112 kilos. The food is really tasty. I especially liked Eurodiet drinks, which I made with fresh strawberries. I lost 17 kilos and I have a lot of energy. I believe that my sleep apnoea has also improved. Thanks to Eurodiet method I have reconfigured my eating habits, both in quantity and quality, and I have maintained my weight for more than one year after having finished the method!”

Yannis, 61 years old, Lost: 17 kilos